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The Best Kitchen Design Ideas and Their Various Features

farmhouse kitchen design

If you haven’t heard the notion that your kitchen is the most important part of your home, you’ve probably been hiding somewhere under a rock. Your kitchen tells anyone who visits a lot about you. It explains your personality and details your style. It’s the perfect way to tell you, people, what you are without saying a word. In this article, we’re going to be talking all about the best kitchen design ideas, and the various features that make them what they are. Changing up your kitchen is going to mean the world to your home. After all, the kitchen is arguably one of the best and only rooms that can truly reinvent it. It’s the centerpiece and should be treated as such. Once this article’s complete you’ll know exactly what you need to do to obtain the most eye-catching kitchen out there. It’ll be a project to remember. Get ready for an all-inclusive guide. We’re talking about fixtures, cabinets, appliances, and the best color palettes you could possibly imagine. Let’s dive headfirst right into all of it!

The first design we’ll be discussing is the farmhouse kitchen design. This particular kitchen design is one that certainly will never get old. It fits in any house or condo you put it in, and it’s one of the most outstanding kitchen designs out there. It’s trendy and has stayed around for decades. Not to mention it’ll probably remain trending for generations to come. It shows that you love to cook. But what makes it look so good? To be more specific, which features make it so iconic? Well, time to find out.

The first is of course the farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks have always been one of the most functional out there. It’s definitely one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Farmhouse sinks tend to be super deep, and actually quite large. They let you do virtually anything. Whether it be washing vegetables or the largest dishes out there, a farmhouse sink is perfect. No farmhouse kitchen does well without a sink! Plus, how are you supposed to fill pots and scrub pans with a tiny sink?

The second feature that really makes a farmhouse kitchen what it is is open shelves. Open shelves let you and your visitors see exactly what’s in your kitchen. It lets you use your bowls and utensils as stylistic elements. You can match your bowls and cups to your tabletops and walls, and it honestly looks really damn good.

Last but certainly not least is farm decor. Farm decor includes anything from rustic decorative pieces to wooden countertops. Wooden spoons and mason jars are perfect. It’s also great to keep these things on your shelves because as we’ve mentioned, you can use them as stylistic elements. Non-country looking items don’t look all that great alongside wooden countertops and other farm items, so be sure to keep all that in mind when customizing.

The next kitchen design we’re going to discuss is the contemporary kitchen design. This particular type of kitchen is loved by executives and those who love the fancy life. They look great in condos and large houses. They really give off a rich and modern look. But what makes them look like that? Which elements should you be focusing on? Let’s dive in.

The first design feature that’s super important to have in a contemporary kitchen is full overlay cabinets. This particular cabinet is one that’s fully enclosed and has little to no frame. Large cabinets with hidden cabinets work as well. You want a seamless look with smooth cabinet doors. They can even be a little reflective if you so choose. All in all, if you’re confused as to how to make any cabinetwork, go for a simplistic look.

The next design feature that’s super important to have is commercial appliances. These tend to be a lot more expensive than others, but they really bring the look of the kitchen together. We’re talking about modern looking microwaves, modern fridges with fancy displays, and of course smooth cooktops and excellent dishwashers. Futuristic simplicity is a great way to describe it. You’ll also want to go for nice LED lights. White lights are far better than bright yellow.

Last but not least is of course natural elements. We recommend going with glass and stone. Especially elements that maintain neutral colors. You don’t want anything too bright and funky. If you do choose to pick a color, definitely go for one color. A perfect example is green. Fresh green plants (or even fake ones) are perfect for really bringing a kitchen together well. For whatever reason, glass and green plants go really well together.

Another super awesome kitchen design is the rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens are very similar to farmhouse kitchens in the sense that a lot of people can’t really tell the difference between the two. Rustic kitchens almost always have lots of wood and old school tile walls. With hanging lights and large fireplaces, these are really awesome for old houses and awesome cottages. They tend to have dark wood designs and very large wooden tabletop islands in the middle. With lots of room for large families and crazy amounts of food, rustic kitchens are excellent options.

The last kitchen design we’re going to discuss is the simple traditional kitchen. Traditional kitchens are one of the most common. They tend to have all types of decorated lighting, and mostly go for basic colors. Beige, grey, and white are definitely the most common. They tend to fit in every home, regardless of location or size. They’re definitely one of the best for most middle-class families because a lot of people find them to be the most functional along with the easiest to clean and keep track of. Similarly to the minimalist kitchens, we’ve talked about, if you’re going to choose a color, it’s best to go with only one rather than a bunch. This way you develop a theme and maintain the traditional vibes you got going on. Unlike minimalistic designs, we usually recommend going for items and trinkets rather than plants.

For more information on kitchen designs, feel free to visit our website or read some of our other articles. And remember, kitchen trends are always trending so be sure to stay up to date with our future articles. We definitely hope this guide about kitchen designs helped you figure out which one you’d like to choose, and how to go about doing it. Remember, certain elements help create certain designs, so get out there and start decorating!

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