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2020’s Best Kitchen Styles and Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Styles

If your kitchen isn’t the centerpiece of your home, you’ve got a problem. Your kitchen is where the food’s cooked, where lunches are made, and where some of the deepest conversations are had. And with all of that in mind, most understand that the kitchen and everything in it needs to be perfect. This means having some pretty awesome cabinets. In this super-quick guide, we’ll be discussing the various kitchen styles and cabinet styles that are sure to spice up your home and leave a long-lasting impression on all of your guests and family.

One of the first styles you should definitely consider using is veneer wood. It’s great for cabinets and all types of kitchen doors. It’s great with both classy cabinets and seamless options. We definitely want to stress the fact that you should get veneer wood from someone who really knows what they’re doing. If done wrong, veneer wood tends to chip and fall apart over time. There’s nothing worse than the material you’re using completely falling apart.

If you want to for a bit of a futuristic simplicity look, we definitely recommend using stainless steel. Whether you want open cabinets with stainless steel bowls and utensils, or stainless steel appliances and countertops is up to you. Overall it makes for a very rich and modern style. This type of design fits into very modern and minimalist homes, regardless of whether it’s a house or a condo. Great for large kitchens rather than small.

If you want really shiny elements in your kitchen, you should definitely go for lacquered appliances. Lacquer is basically a coating that makes almost any material super shiny. It’s great for maintaining all types of styles, whether you’re going for a rustic kitchen or a minimalist one. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the material you’re putting it on needs to match the actual design of your kitchen. So if you put it on wood be sure you’re trying to make a rustic design or a farmhouse design work.

Colored kitchen cabinets are a great style that tends to be super trendy, and in a lot of cases, they’re signifier colors. If you choose some super bright colors we recommend balancing them out with something neutral. This could be light-colored drywall ceilings or floors, or simply minimalist cabinets and appliances. Sometimes people prefer to choose one color and alter its shades through the kitchen. A prominent example is green because you can use fresh and even fake plants. It’s a wonderful option for people who like to grow herbs and vegetables because the vegetables themselves add a nice splash of color that changes over time. A great example being tomatoes because they can be a large variety of colors.

If you’re looking to create a very rustic and farmhouse looking kitchen, we definitely recommend you use a bunch of wood. Whether it be wooden countertops or walls is up to you, but the more the better. They can be any color, as long as it’s a warm one. You wouldn’t want purple wood, would you? Regardless, wooden designs go great in smaller houses, as well as large rustic ones. Great for cabins and cottages up in cottage country as well.

For more information on the best kitchen styles and cabinet, styles feel free to read through some of our other specialty articles. You may also give us a call if you so choose. We always love helping potential customers, so don’t be afraid to call. Good luck with creating your kitchen styles.

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