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What Makes The Perfect Kitchen In Mississauga?

With so many different elements that make up a good kitchen, the perfect kitchen in Mississauga is something that you’ll want to sit down and think through very carefully. Some people rush the kitchen design process and end up having regrets later on down the road when they don’t have enough counter space, lack extra cabinets, or are just not satisfied with the design they initially chose. While the perfect kitchen design process can be an exciting one, it can also bring people stress due to the sheer amount of options that are available. Everyone has a different taste and vision for what they’re looking for, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

After you do some research and write down the look that you’re going for in your perfect kitchen, you’ll realize that it’s nothing to fret over and that it can actually be pretty fun. Choosing your kitchen cabinets properly will make your perfect kitchen look completely different.

Picking The Perfect Cabinets For The Perfect Renovation For The Perfect Kitchen

Consider Your Storage Requirements

Too many people don’t consider how much storage space they’ll need when they are going over their cabinet layouts. You never want to rush picking out your cabinets without thinking about storage space because years later you could have regrets when you run out of room. Do you currently have five cabinets that are full to the max and you’re needing additional room?

Most kitchens can’t go wrong with having extra drawers and cabinets in them. Having deep, long drawers will be able to easily fit all of your kitchenware in them without having to endlessly organize them and re-organize them every single time you pull something out. If you have a trash can that always gets in the way of everything, consider a deep drawer that can fit the trash can in it. Deep drawers can also fit smaller appliances and other utensils that would otherwise be wasting valuable counter space.

Do You Want Framed or Frameless Cabinets?

Always consider your cabinet design vision before making the final purchase. Being able to narrow down exactly what you want will make the process go easier when it comes time to finally selecting the cabinets and getting them delivered and installed.

If you’re wanting to go with framed cabinets, keep in mind that hinges on the door will be attached to the frame that’s situated near the front of each cabinet. Also keep in mind that if you’re wanting a lot of storage space, then framed cabinets might not be your cup of tea. Frameless cabinets typically have a lot more storage space than framed ones, but framed ones tend to have a larger variety of different kinds of doors.

Because the door on frameless cabinets is attached to the inner part of the cabinet, there is a lot more storage space, but you won’t be graced with as many door-style options as frameless cabinets.

Look Into Additional Cabinetry Features

After you’re done selecting what type of cabinets you want, you can now consider some additional features.

Do you want your cabinets to close without hearing a sound? If so, there is the hardware you can purchase that will prevent any noise from occurring when closing them. The hardware works by slowing down the pace at which the cabinets close when they are nearing full closure. This drastically lowers any slamming sounds from happening.

If you’re wandering through the kitchen at night and looking for a snack, sometimes it’s hard to see things in the pitch-black darkness, and turning on a blaring kitchen light can be irritating to the eyes during those hours. Consider getting in-cabinet or in-drawer lighting installed. This handy feature will allow you to easily see what’s in the cabinets with relative ease.

Decide What Stain You Want

After you’ve carefully evaluated your storage needs, made your choice on frameless or framed cabinets, and decided what additional hardware bonuses you want, you’ll now need to decide on what type of appearance you want for the cabinets.


Selecting the appearance of your cabinets can be another overwhelming stage of designing the perfect kitchen. Are you looking for a more casual or rustic feel for your kitchen? Do you want more of a neutral look or relaxing look?

After you’ve confirmed the vision you have in mind, you’ll want to take a look at some of the different woods available for cabinetry. Each wood will create a different look for your kitchen.

  • Cherry and knotty alder will contain a lot of knots.
  • Clear alder and rift oak will be more consistent across the entire surface.
  • Oak tends to feel a little textured, but maple or walnut are smoother when you graze your hand across them.
  • Clear alder and knotty after softer to the touch. If you enjoy more of a rustic look, these are ideal options that age nicely.
  • Some of the harder woods are walnut, oak, and maple. Because of their hardiness, their appearance won’t be affected after a lot of use.


Once you’ve decided on the wood for your cabinets, it’s now time to figure out what type of stain you’re going to go with. You’ll typically want to select a color of stain that will blend in with other aspects of your kitchen. Going with a completely random color isn’t going to mesh well if you have a rustic feel for your kitchen. You can also decide to paint the cabinets, as well.

If you’re confused on whether to go with light or dark stain tones, you’ll want to take a step back and see how natural lighting is throughout your kitchen. For those that have large windows, then darker colors and stains tend to work well. If you only have a small window in your kitchen without much light, then consider going with colors that are a little lighter. The lighter colors have a tendency to allow light to bounce off of them, and this will create a more positive feel in your kitchen.


For those that end up deciding to go with paint for their cabinets, ensure that you pick out the colors wisely. Colors that blend in with the rest of the house while complimenting the kitchen at the same time can create a positive feel. The right colors can also make your kitchen area appear larger than it is. Sometimes people will use certain colors of paint to accent certain areas. If you live near water, sometimes blue cabinetry can create a nice environment. Similar to that, going with greenish, brownish, and more neutral colors tend to work well if you’re living in a forested area. Some like to get very creative with their paint colors and create a mixture. In the end, it all boils down to whatever your tastes are.


After you’re finished, you’ll need to select hardware for the cabinets, and this is something that you don’t need to stress over too much because it can be swapped out at any time.

Kitchen Renovations

If you’re going to be going with painted cabinets, you might want to consider going with MDF & HDF as opposed to wood. When humidity levels change, MDF & HDF won’t expand and contract as much. There are also MDF & HDF doors that don’t have any seams in them, and that makes them perfect to use for bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets. If you have a home with multiple levels, heat rising up could create an issue, so ensure you choose your products wisely.

Additional Ideas For Your Cabinets

If you’ve just gotten a brand-new countertop installed, it might make the current cabinets in your kitchen appear outdated. If you want to give them a fresh look:

  • Try painting or staining them.
  • Change up the hardware on them.
  • Replace the front doors instead of the entire unit.

A kitchen renovation is one that takes a lot of forethought. Because it’s a decision you’ll be living with every day, it’s one you’ll want to make carefully. A kitchen renovation is something that shouldn’t bring you stress or anxiety. Use your creativity and take all of these tips into consideration when selecting your tip-top kitchen cabinets.

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