Solid Surface Countertops – Key Characteristics

For those that are building a new home or are just renovating, considering solid surface countertops for the kitchen can be a wise decision. Solid surface countertops are known to be very durable and have a sleek appearance.

How Are Solid Surface Countertops Made?

Solid surface countertops are manufactured by putting small crushed up pieces of stone in a mold. You might hear people also referring to solid surface countertops as “synthetic stone”. Over the years, these countertops have grown drastically in popularity. Some of the brand names for solid surface countertops are Silestone, Avonite, and Corian. Known for their strength and ability to last a long time, solid surface countertops are available in a large selection of colors and different patterns that are bound to suit many different tastes.

It doesn’t take much work to keep solid surface countertops in good condition. These countertops are resistant to mildew, mold, and many types of bacteria. Though they might not be as resistant to heat and scratches as some of the other countertop products on the market, they make up for it in their much lower price tag.

Solid surface countertops typically don’t require much maintenance at all. You can simply take a microfiber cloth and some dish soap to give them a good clean. After you’ve wiped it down, just get a towel and dry it off. These countertops are also seamless, so you can use baking soda for those really stubborn areas that need cleaning. Solid-surface cleaning solvents work fairly well, too.

If you’re considering solid surface countertops, take a browse online or at a local kitchen countertop retailer and see what colors and patterns might fit into your kitchen structure. With so many different styles, you just might find one that you love.

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