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Kitchen Trends 2022: Ideas & Inspiration

kitchen trends 2022

The kitchen is the main place in any home, so it takes a lot of time to choose an interesting and unusual design as there are various kitchen trends 2022. However, you can easily find the ideal one with the help of this article. Keep reading to learn more about new trends and what to avoid today.

What is better to choose in 2022?

Choosing a design for a kitchen is always a difficult process. There is a huge number of ideas, both modern minimalism, and traditional. Fashion in kitchen design does not change so often. The right decision is to choose a style for yourself. It means to find a design that you will like the most, so it will reflect your worldview and inspiration. 

However, there are three main styles that have been popular for several years – minimalism, eco, and retro style. The contrast of nature and modern technology – this is how the kitchen design of 2022 can be generally defined.

Kitchen trends to avoid

Choosing a design from hundreds of options you still can find some out fashioned designs or small details in these designs that can ruin the total look of your kitchen. If you really want your kitchen to be modern and stylish, then it’s a great idea to know what you should avoid. 

Under-cabinet lights

You have probably heard about such lighting. It is not surprising as it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Moreover, even brands have launched products to help you light up your kitchen in the dark. However, nowadays it is not a great idea. Do you know that manufacturing such lights is usually done in ways that are harmful to the environment? If you choose eco-style for your kitchen, then try to avoid under-cabinet lights.

Huge amount of decorative elements

Of course, using decorative elements is not a bad option, but only if they are used correctly. Do not try to place something similar to patterns, monograms, and other elements on every piece of furniture.

Bigger fridges

Mistakenly, people believe that the bigger the fridge, the better. However, when we talk about modern design ideas of any kitchen it is better to install the classic fridge. Instead of something really huge that takes up a lot of space, you can have one fridge that is more energy-efficient. 

Lots of gadgets and tools

One more mistake is that some people try to fill the kitchen with different gadgets and tools. It makes your kitchen look confusing, disorganized, and not as useful as it could be. Moreover, it is a bit difficult to use all these things just because you will not have enough time to read instructions and understand how to use each of them. Also, this will take up a lot of space and it will constantly distract your attention.

All these tips do not mean that you never need to update your kitchen. However, when choosing a design, you should be more careful and try not to use too many different items.

Kitchen design trends 2022

When you know some details about what to choose and avoid, it’s high time to discover interesting kitchen trends 2022. Here we will tell you about some interesting ideas for your kitchen so it will be much easier to find a perfect one. 


Today, the minimalistic style often consists of shiny lacquered facades of a white kitchen set and, of course, simplicity of forms. Such solutions will give the space not only a modern look but also make it visually wider. 

Minimalism allows you to create a comfortable, functional interior without a huge amount of unnecessary details. The main idea of minimalism is as much free space as possible.

Designers use furniture of regular geometric shapes with clear or streamlined edges for a minimalist kitchen but without unnecessary details.

As a color palette for such a kitchen, you can choose the following tones: 

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Beige;
  • Black.

You can combine these colors to create a comfortable atmosphere. They are perfectly combined with each other. Moreover, such colors contribute to the visual expansion of space.

Retro style

Another very interesting style that has remained popular for a long time is the retro style. Such kitchens are distinguished by their unique charm and comfort. However, you should remember that it is quite difficult to create such a kitchen because you need to understand a lot of nuances. 

It is possible to find two different ideas. The first is a romantic kitchen filled with decorated cabinets and flowered curtains. The second version of the retro-style kitchen is a combination of dark and light colors, smooth facades of cabinets. A typical element here will be a carpet with an interesting pattern, paintings on the walls, creating a stylish interior.

Here are some tips that help you to choose the right kitchen design in retro style.

  1. Choose the style of only one decade, so as not to create a feeling of congestion and inconsistency.
  2. Choose bright colors.
  3. Try to pick up patterns characteristic of that time.
  4. Choose natural materials.


The eco-style of modern interiors is a person’s desire to live in harmony with the surrounding world and nature. What does this mean? In the arrangement of the kitchen in eco-style, you can use not only natural materials but also renewable in nature, recycled and easily recyclable ones. 

An eco-style kitchen should be decorated in soft, natural shades: white, light gray, beige. Pastel shades are used as accents and additional colors, as well as saturated, but not really bright colors – light and dark brown, green, yellow, blue, olive. 

As for furniture, in such a kitchen it is worth choosing furniture made of wood, stone, rattan, and others close to natural design. It has smooth, natural, or conversely, strict straight lines.


A loft-style kitchen is an ideal solution for people who keep up with the times and live dynamically. When planning a kitchen in this style, you can add various materials such as concrete, metal, and glass. Moreover, the use of non-standard decorative elements perfectly suits this style.

However, the loft-style is more suitable for large kitchens, as it is important to divide the entire space into three working areas. This style does not accept piles of furniture, household appliances, accessories.

As for the choice of color for the kitchen in general, cold natural colors are better suited: gray, white, brick, beige, terracotta.

Scandinavian style

One more extremely popular style these days is a Scandinavian one. You may find a lot of different ideas for planning your kitchen this way. Although it is quite similar to the minimalistic style, it still has its own features so that is the main reason why many people prefer the Scandinavian style to others. 

The peculiarity of the Scandinavian style in the interior is that it allows you to use different materials in decoration. Moreover, functionality and practicality are more important in this style.

The most popular color for interior decoration of the Scandinavian kitchen can be white. One more color that is often used in combination with white is black. This solution allows you to emphasize some details, making the space more spectacular. 

Materials for creating a kitchen 2022

When choosing the perfect design don’t forget about material for the kitchen as it plays a huge role in the total look. There are a huge number of different materials, but if you really want a stylish kitchen, then you should pay attention to the following:

Wooden material

Eco-materials have become increasingly common in modern kitchen designs. This material is very convenient in order to become a key aspect of the interior of a modern kitchen. It is not necessary to make the whole kitchen out of wood, you can use wooden elements in the design of countertops or furniture and the kitchen will look different.

Ceramic tiles

Unusual decorative tiles for the kitchen, walls, and floor are an excellent, durable, and aesthetically attractive material for interior design. Ceramic tiles are often used due to their unpretentiousness, high strength, and a wide range of unusual tile models.

Natural stones

Natural stones have become really popular recently. It is not surprising because it is a strong and durable material and most rocks are resistant to moisture and heat. Moreover, they are safe in their composition, hypoallergenic, and do not emit harmful substances.


Glass is one of the materials that have the ability to bring a sense of spaciousness into the design of the kitchen. The material is characterized by high strength, can be transparent or even painted. You can use glass as an independent element or simply as an addition to another design.

Kitchen color trends 2022

One more essential thing in planning a kitchen is the colors you choose. You can find good quality appliances, create a perfect layout and stop. However, what about the colors of the kitchen? You should understand that small details usually create the final look so pay attention to the shades and colors you choose as they can easily ruin your kitchen.

Here we are going to give you the list of popular colors and their shades for the kitchen in 2022. 

  • Green tones;
  • Beige;
  • Terracotta;
  • Black;
  • Pink;
  • Monochrome and two-tone design.

Now you have some ideas about colors, don’t you? You can create something interesting and unique with any color combination from the list but be careful and don’t overuse one and only one color for everything in your kitchen.

When all the kitchen trends 2022 are learned, you probably have inspiration and you are ready to create a perfect design. You can take any style as a basis and add something to it that you like and it doesn’t matter what others say.

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