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Important Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Cabinet Maker

A kitchen cabinet maker is similar to many of the other contractors that will come in and out of your home when it is being built or renovated. You want to feel comfortable with the work being done, especially since it is your hard-earned money being spent. Before you sign the contract that will initiate the start of making cabinets, be very curious by asking several questions. Doing this with the cabinet maker will not only boost your confidence in the cabinet maker but also just give you a better feel for what’s going on.

Questions You Should Ask:

What is the type of cabinet material that you use when making them?

There are many different materials that are used in a cabinet maker shop to get the job done just right. Deciding on the right cabinet material is one of the biggest decisions in selecting cabinets for the kitchen.

What styles of cabinet doors are there?

Kitchen cabinet doors will come in a wide range of different styles, and this question should be asked so that you are familiar with what you are getting.

How are the cabinets put together?

Putting together cabinets isn’t done all the same way. There are methods that are better than others. If the cases are stapled, there’s a chance that they can fall apart over time. If face nails are used on frames, then small holes will be left. Pocket screws and glue is the overall most efficient method when putting together cabinets.

What types of finishes will be used? In what area on the cabinets will these finishes be administered?

The kitchen seems to be a personal preference for cabinet makers. There are those that will opt to apply the finishes in the cabinet shop, while others will apply it right on the job site. The preferred method is to do it right in the shop so that you don’t get the fumes inside the home.

What is the process of constructing the slide-out shelves and drawers?

The most recommended drawers are dovetail ones. You might be curious about wood or MDF material. MDF should never be used for shelving because it isn’t structural material.

What type of hardware will be used?

The most recommended hardware, if you want your drawers and cabinets to open perfectly, is a soft mount close. Rolled steel hardware is the most durable material for cabinets and is of better quality than cast pewter hardware.

What is the best material used to construct the doors for cabinets?

When a cabinet maker begins a job, you’ll want to know what material they’ll be using for the doors. Doors are typically made from MDF or solid wood. If you want to go with a stained finish, then the material will have to be wood. If you want to go with a painted finish, then MDF is the preferable option.

Before you start constructing the cabinets, can you provide drawings?

If you’ve found yourself a good cabinet contractor, they will have no problems in providing drawings for the job. They will explain it in a way that you should be able to understand, and if you don’t, simply state that to them.

Are there any cabinet accessories that come with the package?

Slide-out drawers, shelves, and other things might be included.

How long will the entire job take from start to finish?

Building the cabinets and getting them installed is something that takes time. You won’t want a cabinet company to do a rushed job and end up with a sub-par result. This is an important question to ask because if a company takes two months to do the job, it’s simply not reasonable.

Will the one making the cabinets also be the one installing them?

You’ll want someone installing them that has experience. Ask the cabinet maker if they also install the knobs and pulls.

A kitchen cabinet maker has a big responsibility when they sign the contract, take your money, and begin the job. You’re essentially putting the future of your kitchen in their hands, so ask as many questions as you can and ensure you’re fully aware of what’s going on throughout the process.

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