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Dark And Dramatic Black Kitchen Cabinets


When it’s time to choose a design for kitchen cabinets you probably never think about the black ones. For many years white kitchens with gleaming surfaces have been fashionable. However, black kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular nowadays. 

We definitely see a move away from ordinary white kitchens in the last few years. There is a trend to choose colorful kitchen cabinets as well as dark ones over the old-fashioned white options. In case black kitchens have drawn your attention lately but you don’t know how to make your project a reality, here are some ideas for you.

Decorating with black kitchen cabinets

The design of the black kitchen is distinguished by rigor and poise. Black means elegance and mystery at the same time. However, for your kitchen to look exactly like this, the black color in the room should be moderate.

Black kitchen cabinets make a classic style, so don’t be afraid that your kitchen will look too dark and dramatic. 

Decorating with black cabinets can make it more practical and even fresh since black has its own distinctive features: 

  1. Black contributes to the visual reduction of space, it is used fragmentally in the design of a small kitchen in the form of accents;
  2. Dark tones visually distance objects, thereby deepening or lengthening the room;
  3. This palette creates a calm and balanced atmosphere;
  4. Perfectly emphasizes other bright shades;
  5. Black is a psychologically compelling color;
  6. Black kitchen cabinets look great without high maintenance. 

Black kitchen ideas

The advantages of black in the kitchen space were appreciated by architects, designers and decorators. Black emphasizes the silhouettes of the furniture, adds graphics, and feels  almost unreal. Using black indoors requires skills and expertise, so the decision to create a black kitchen should be made consciously. 

Keep in mind that black color can create a depressing atmosphere and depressing mood, so the use of dark tones in the design of rooms is a delicate matter.

All black kitchen? 

Of course, you may want to make the kitchen completely in black and it can look not that bad. However, such a creative solution is acceptable only for large and spacious rooms

In case your kitchen is small and you still have the dream of a dark kitchen, leave only one interior detail in black. For instance, it could be black cabinets or a black wall.

For large kitchens, “total black” style is possible, but still — only with some details in other colors, such as metallic, white, or other bright matching colors. Add some designer light or something wooden and it can give even a simple space glamor and chic.

Black kitchen cabinets with gold hardware

The black and gold combination always looks expensive and stylish. That is why many designers have been using this pair for a long time to create amazing projects. Decoration in such colors is, again, acceptable only in spacious kitchens. You can use black as the main color of the cabinets, and use gold in the design of the hardware. 

Gold is what you need, as it gives the overall look warmth and a touch of rustic charm. This look lends itself to the modern farming style, which offers daring and decadent touches.

Black kitchen cabinets with white countertops

If you are not eager to use only black in the kitchen design, black kitchen cabinets with white countertops are what you need. The white countertop can dilute the abundance of black and enliven the interior. The white color will give the black kitchen cabinets lightness, even in case it’s applied only to horizontal surfaces. This combination has several advantages:

  1. Versatility. With this design, it is difficult to make mistakes in color combinations and it is easier to avoid coloristic mistakes. 
  2. Reflections. White surfaces can reflect light, so a sense of spaciousness is created.
  3. Class. Black and white are classics. It always looks interesting and simple at the same time.

A solution with such a combination of colors will look great both in the classic version and in a daring high-tech style. It is suitable for kitchens of any size. These two colors successfully combine the possibilities for creating contrasting shades that provide a modern vision of the design of such an important part of the house.

Black cupboards

In case you just want to add an accent to the kitchen, it’s a great idea to install only black cupboards while countertops and other items can be of different colors which are combined with black. You see this more and more in modern design projects lately.

This option is perfect for large bright spaces where massive black cabinets will not look bulky and visually overload the space.

Matte black kitchen cabinets

For more effect, you can always use a matte finish. It’s worth remembering that matte black absorbs light and you’ll need additional lighting. Nonetheless, such darkened-out surfaces look impressive both in modern interiors and in classical styles. 

Matte black cabinets can be made of natural wood or composite materials, but not all of them are resistant to scratches and high humidity. 

One more feature of matte material is that matte cabinets are more practical in terms care, there are fewer fingerprints and water stains on them. Moreover, matte cabinets are resistant to the degrading effects of constant exposure to sunlight and retain their original appearance longer.

There are several cases when matte cabinets will look great:

  • the room is spacious; 
  • the kitchen combines several colors at once; 
  • there is bright lighting or natural light. 

When choosing black kitchen cabinets, try to leave fingerprints or get a little dirty and wipe them off, so you will see how the material will behave.

Flooring with black kitchen cabinets

You can use black color for walls, windows, and even for ceiling, but not the floor. It should be light (or, at least, have another color added) for one simple reason — the contrast with black cabinets.

The flooring you choose is critical to achieving your desired all-black kitchen.

Hardwood floors would compliment an apron-front sink, open storage. And manufacturing lighting would add to the warm, casual vibe of your antique-style kitchen.

Designers usually suggest making the base of the kitchen more neutral. Floor covering material in light tones looks very relevant. You can use oak or pine, for instance. A white floor will be appropriate only in a high-tech kitchen. In other cases, due to the excessive  contrast, it will give the interior an unwanted office look.

Are black kitchen cabinets hard to keep clean?

We understand, the kitchen is the most functional place in the house. It’s easy to spill a sauce or drop a piece of food on the floor and your kitchen will no longer be pristine, especially if white color prevails in the design. After a while, you won’t be able to hide dirt and stains, no matter how good yuo are at cleaning and how often you work on it with a microfiber tissue. 

In case you have black kitchen cabinets it’ll be much easier to preserve your kitchen’s original look. Black color is more resistant to basically everything. Although you’ll still have to clean dust and fingerprints, it won’t take a lot of time and can be done with just a wipe. 

If you are fond of cooking, we bet your kitchen looks like a mess sometimes. Black cabinets may be your solution, as they’re generally easier to clean. 

Will black kitchen cabinets go out of style?

The short answer is: no, they won’t! Just like white cabinets, black ones will also not go out of style for a long time. 

All you need to remember is that you can combine different colors and materials with black cabinets in your kitchen design to make it more practical, there is no need to renovate it every year to be trendy. 

When you take into account all the features of black kitchen cabinets and carefully choose the accessories, the design of your kitchen will remain truly original, stylish, and unusual for a long time.

The success depends entirely on the location, proportions, and your taste: 

  1. If you have a big kitchen then you can easily use black color as the dominant one; 
  2. With a small kitchen, it’s better to implement black cabinets into, for instance, a white kitchen to save visual space. 

Not just cabinets, but all the lighter spaces in your kitchen will feel balanced with the addition of black cabinets. Don’t forget about additional lights, and you’ll enjoy your black kitchen cabinets for a long time. 

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